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How to get Ration Card in Tamil Nadu

Posted by Arun Mohan ~ on Mar 12, 2013 ~ 1 comments

A Ration Card is a document issued by State Government for Indian citizens. State Government issues ration cards based on APL, BPL and Antyodaya families in order to make sure that each of the categories gets their subsidised rate for commodities. Nowadays it also turns out to be a significant tool of identification. Ration Card identification is necessary for all Indian citizens. Following are the steps to get a ration card in Tamil Nadu.

Step 1: Go to your nearest civil supplies corporation in Chennai / Tamil Nadu. Inform them that you want to remove your Name from your previous Ration Card (Means remove your name from Father/ Mother’s Ration Card). You would get a name deletion certificate with in 7 days.  Take a Photostat of your Father/ Mother’s ration card page where the deletion of your name mentioned. Similarly you can do the same procedure for getting your wife/husband’s deletion certificate also.

Step 2: You should also need an address proof. If you are living in a rental house, then you should bring a letter from your House owner stating your address info and also his ration card copy. If you are residing in your own house, then you should take a copy of housetax receipt/ landtax receipt/residential certificate (any one).

Step 3: If you also want to add your Son/Daughter details. Then take their Xerox of birth certificates also.

Step 4: You can find several form filling peoples in front of civil supplies corporation for helping the visitors. They are charging only twenty rupees for application form and filling. GIve twenty rupees and buy a form along with your filled data.

Step 5:  Fix your passport size photo in the form and also attach your copy of marriage certificate along with the name deletion certificate, Son/Daughter birth certificate and other documents as above said. Submit all the documents in Civil supplies office.

Step 6:  A person sent from civil supplies office will came to your house for verifying your address within two weeks of submission. He also informs you, if there is any document missing. Submit you missing document immediately to avoid delay in processing. If there is no inquiry from the verification officer for next two weeks, then your Ration card is on the way for printing. You can call him for confirm.

Step 7: After two weeks, you can inquire your card details in Civil Supplies office. They will give a contact number to inquire your card Status. Once they confirm your card arrival, you should went to Civil supplies office to collect your Ration Card. Also pay just Five Rupees as printing cost.

Step 8: Finally you should went to your Ration shop in your area with Ration card. You can find the shop number in ration card itself. It makes you find your shop easily. Then ask the shop manager to seal the card. Once your card got sealed, your can buy your commodities from following month onwards.



  1. I applied for a new card on Sep 2012. Still I didn't received my card and also not a single info from the office. What can I do now?


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